Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Walking without heels

I just recently became the proud owner of my first ever Jeffrey Campbell shoes (the Str8up) I ordered the shoes from the American website Karamaloop and was lucky enough to have my brothers girlfriend bring them over for me as she lives over there.

Definitely not for the faint hearted the shoes are ‘heeless’ but I love them, they’re so unique and unlike anything I’ve seen in the high street around London. Mine have black and beige suede detailing with a wooden platform, i wouldn't go as fair to say that they are comfy but they are easier to walk in then they look, although I still need a bit of practice on hard ground. For reference I am a US size 6.5 and a UK size 4, there slightly on the smaller side so if you are looking to buy them i suggest going a size up unless you have teeny feet like myself. 


  1. just found your blog and i LOVE it miss!
    are you struggling with your layout though?
    the words look a little off track!
    happy to be your newest follower <3
    follow back?

  2. ah thanks lovely, course i'll follow back!
    which part looks off track?
    maybe it looks different on certain computers x

  3. wow, those shoes are serious! I'm a klutz through and through so I dont think these are the shoes for me, but they do look really cool. Care to follow each other?

  4. Hey Doll!
    Just found your blog and I'm happy that I did, cause to be honest your blog is awesome! I love it! I'm now following you:)
    Wow, these shoes are awesome, I would love to walk around in them:)

  5. Can't imagine even trying to walk in those! Pretty fierce though missy! Following! xxxx

  6. oh my good god these are AMAZING. so happy i came across your blog to look at these badboys. the closest I've come to Jeffery Campbell shoes are my fake american flag litas :'( xx

  7. how can you walk with these heels??i won't imagine :)
    follow you, i love ur blog!


  8. Wow beautiful shoes!

    Emma x

  9. Ooh, your first pair of Jeffrey Campbells! :) That is certainly a dream of mine to one day purchase my first pair of JCs!! Those shoes look so gorgeous, and it's good thing to hear that they are easy to walk in, but I'm sure you'll get used to it! I just discovered your lovely blog through a hashtag on Twitter... haha, the power of the social media! I'm now following you, I'm very looking forward to reading more of your upcoming posts! =)


    ps. I absolutely adore your blog layout! :)

  10. Ahh they're amazing! I love them!

    Just discovered your blog and I really love it! I'm following you now!

    xoxo, Laura

  11. they're amazing! even if they're not comfortable they look good! new follower :) x

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  13. Those shoes are really fabulous!

  14. These look fantastic! I love them, don't know how I would fair in them after a few cocktails lol :D


  15. Beautiful and very inspiring posts and blog! We share the same passion so let's follow each other!:)
    Please take a look at my blog and let me know if you wanna be fashion friends!

  16. Love your blog, such a great post too! These shoes are amazing, if only I could afford them! They look fab on you

    I am now following your blog and I'd love it if you liked my blog enough to follow it too:

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